ISLAM is an Arabic word. It means the act of resignation to God. The root word is SLM, pronounced as ‘salm’ which means peace from which comes the word ‘aslama’ which means he submitted, he resigned himself. Below you will read “10 Facts About Islam” in detial.

Al- Islam or Islam is the religion which brings peace to mankind when man commits himself to God and submits himself to his will. According to the Holy Book Quran revealed to Muhammad PBUH (Peace and blessings of God be on him), this is the only true religion professed by all Prophets from Adam to Muhamad PBUH, the Last prophet. A ‘Muslim’ is one who resigns himself to God and thereby professes the faith of al-Islam.

A Muslim therefore believes in all the prophets and makes no distinction between one and the other. He also believes that God has sent his prophets to all corners of the earth to preach the same religion, that his Message stopped coming after the last revelation received by the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), and that the message received by the last Prophet is the most comprehensive and the final form of God’s message to Man.

Faith, Action and Realization

In order to be true ‘Muslim’ three things are necessary: Faith, action and realization. According to that faith and the realization of one’s relation to God as a result of action and obedience.

Faith which is described in the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, as Iman consists in believing that Allah alone is worthy of worship and that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah, and in bearing witness to the above statement. Let’s read “10 Facts About Islam”

10 facts about Islam

  1. True existence is that Allah alone; Man and the entire creation exist only because Allah wills them to visit.
  2. As there cannot be two sources of creation, as Allah alone is the creator, everything comes from Him and goes back to Him; hence the entire creation including Man is the manifestation of Allah’s power and glory and hence of His qualities or attributes.
  3. The relation between Man and Allah is that of a servant and the Master. As Man owes his very existence to Allah, to worship anything else is to commit the gravest of sins.
  4. The above three aspects of Faith in Allah are realised by Man only when he responds to the Message of Allah and this is possible when Man believes in Muhammad (PBUH) as the messenger of Allah.
  5. As a messenger he is the last and the greatest, about whom all the early messengers have predicted and who thus completes the process of revelation.
  6. He is therefore the Perfect Ideal for Mankind, the perfect servant of Allah and hence the most complete and the ideally balanced manifestation of the attributes of Allah.
  7. To believe in him is to believe in all the other prophets of Allah.
  8. To believe in Him is also to believe that the Quran contains all the revelations sent to mankind through him, that these revelations provide guidance to us and that we should worship Allah by following these revelations according to the method prescribed for us by Muhammad (PBUH) and hence in accordance with his sayings and practice, known as Hadith or Sunnah.
  9. To believe in him is also to believe in the carriers of this message, the angels, who are described in the Quran as functionaries.
  10. Islam is also about believing and practising Prayer observes Fasting, offer Charity and accomplishing pilgrimage.

All these four (prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage) are intimately tied up with all other aspects of man’s individual and social behaviour. By following them and thereby living a life of complete dedication to the Will of Allah, a man becomes a true Muslim.

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